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Retro Car 3D Wooden Puzzle

Relive The Classics This is a beautifully crafted wooden puzzle that allows you to build your very own vintage car. This puzzle is made...
3D Wooden Puzzle Cars NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Nagato-class Battleship 3D Metal Puzzle

The Story About Nagato Battleship The Nagato battleship was the first of the Nagato-class battleships built in Japan in the early 1920s. Located along...
3D Metal Puzzle NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Motorcycle Model 3D Wooden Puzzle

Sophisticated Miniature A well-designed and decorative motorcycle is the subject of this 3D wooden puzzle building kit. The plywood is made from natural birch....
3D Wooden Puzzle NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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RMS Titanic 3D Metal Puzzle

The Story of The S Titanic Titanic was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship in the world at that time and had the...
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Double-decker Bus 3D Wooden Puzzle

Fun Assembling Replica pendulum escapement system. Explore the mystery of mechaical transmission. Accurate design full of beauty in detail. Most Details Wooden skeletonization Full...
3D Wooden Puzzle NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Crane Model 3D Wooden Puzzle

Design of Mechanical Crane This is a wooden 3D puzzle toy with a mechanical crane. You can assemble the wooden puzzle with your hands-on...
3D Wooden Puzzle 8+ NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Bleriot XI Model Plane 3D Wooden Puzzle

The Story Behind Designed by Louis Bleriot and Raymond Saulnier the Bleriot XI was a light sleek monoplane built using oak and poplar wood...
3D Wooden Puzzle 8+ NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Avenger Motorcycle 3D Metal Puzzle

Avengers Motorcycles and superheroes have always been inextricably linked and as one of the coolest means of transportation on Earth (and even in the...
3D Metal Puzzle Cars NEW ARRIVALS Under $50 Vehicles
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Bulldozer Engineering Vehicle 3D Wooden Puzzle

Enjoy The Fun of DIY This is a mechanical 3D puzzle made from laser-cut plywood which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Pre-cut parts require no...
3D Wooden Puzzle 8+ NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Classic WWII Tank 3D Wooden Puzzle

Classic WWII Tank We all know that war is cruel right? Of all the wars the brutality of World War II was the most...
3D Wooden Puzzle NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Classic Car Scale Model 3D Wooden Puzzle

Have Fun 2mm plywood mini-scale Classic Car models with detailed structures. Enjoy finishing it with your family or friends. Easy Pop Out and Clear...
3D Wooden Puzzle Cars NEW ARRIVALS Vehicles
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Black Pearl Ship Model 3D Metal Puzzle

The Black Pearl The Black Pearl also known as the Black Battleship is the protagonist pirate ship in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean....
18+ 3D Metal Puzzle 3D Puzzles Age Cars Interests NEW ARRIVALS Price Ranges See All Ages See All Price Ranges Sets by theme steampunk Under $50 Vehicles
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Mind-Bending 3D Puzzles

Unleash Your Creativity

Explore our captivating collection of 3D puzzles that challenge your mind and inspire your imagination. Dive into a world of intricate designs, architectural marvels, and fascinating shapes. Discover the joy of assembling 3D puzzles and bring your favorite landmarks, animals, and objects to life piece by piece. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned puzzle enthusiasts, our 3D puzzles promise hours of fun and a sense of accomplishment. Start your 3D puzzle adventure today!

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"This 3D puzzle is fantastic for both kids and adults. I bought it for my child, but I couldn't resist joining in the fun. It's a wonderful way to spend quality time together. The instructions are clear, and the pieces fit perfectly. I'm impressed by the quality and how sturdy the final structure is. Highly recommended!"


"Absolutely mind-blowing! I purchased the 3D puzzle toy, and it exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail in the design is remarkable. It's both a fun challenge and a work of art. I've spent hours assembling it, and it's become a beautiful centerpiece on my desk. I'm addicted to these 3D puzzles now!"


"I'm a puzzle enthusiast, and I must say this 3D puzzle toy has become one of my favorites. The complexity of the design keeps me engaged, and the end result is so satisfying. It's not just a puzzle; it's a beautiful decorative piece too. I've already ordered more from this collection. It's a must-try for anyone who loves puzzles!"


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