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Hello, and welcome to 3Dpuzzletoy.

I'm a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast with a story to share. I've battled depression, which led to a profound fear of intimate relationships, causing me to distance myself from family and friends for a long time. But, there's more to my story than the darkness that once surrounded me.

My journey is one of resilience and healing. My family, recognizing my love for crafting, embarked on a journey to rebuild our connection. They discovered that by carefully selecting and sending me intriguing puzzles, they could bridge the gap between us. Whether it was my mother, my father, or my brother sending these thoughtful surprises, they all played a part in helping me find my way back to a sense of belonging.

These heartfelt gifts opened up a world of fascinating and visually stunning puzzles. Puzzles became more than just a pastime; they became a form of therapy, a means to pass the time, and an outlet for self-expression. Piece by piece, I navigated my emotions and gradually began to heal. Solving puzzles became my anchor during the darkest times.

With this website, I aim to create a haven for like-minded individuals who share my passion for jigsaw puzzles. Here, you'll find a diverse collection of puzzles thoughtfully categorized for your exploration and enjoyment. My mission is to provide a platform for people who find solace, joy, and a sense of accomplishment in the art of puzzle-solving.

The reasons behind the onset of my depression remain elusive, and the battle has been painful. I've faced the watchful eyes of my family, filled with concern. But one thing is clear – I cherish the gift of life and the simple pleasure of solving puzzles. With this platform, I hope to connect with those who share my love for puzzles and, in doing so, both find and provide comfort.

Thank you for being a part of our puzzle-loving community. I invite you to explore our collection, lose yourself in the world of puzzles, and embrace the healing power of this timeless pastime.

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