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In your own quiet world, piece together the future. Every bit of life is made by these hands, maybe it's a corner of the desk, maybe it's a lamp on the bedside, maybe it's a hanging picture in the living room. In the world of puzzles, discover infinite excitement.

How to assemble a metal handmade puzzle

Once you get started with this kind of puzzle, you won't be able to stop.

I just discovered this treasure two months ago. When I first got it, I was quite confused. After doing one or two puzzles, I understood a lot.

First of all, you need some basic tools. I think some three-piece novice sets on Taobao are good. It is much easier to put together with the tools.

As a newbie, the basic order is to follow what is written in the instructions. Remember not to remove all the parts at once. It is best to cut them out and put them on a board or paper, otherwise you will not find them accidentally (I have removed similar parts together several times and the result is It’s confusing, and the consequences of spelling it wrong are still quite big)

The metal puzzle is mainly connected by snaps, so compare the drawings, remove the required parts, splice them in the order of the drawings, and then use a bending rod to bend them. Of course, it may be easy to say it, but you may worry that it will be difficult to do it at first, but once you get used to it, it will be fine. And if you haven’t done it before, you can start with a simpler one to get started. The more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it and won’t be able to stop.

I bought 3 at the beginning and got addicted after building them. Now when I have free time, I build about 7 small and simple ones, and then bought 4 more (because I don’t have room to put them at home, I can only build some small ones, but relatively It’s relatively simple, but I still yearn to put together those big buildings and complex puzzles)

These are some small and simple ones that I put together.

In short, I think as long as you are patient and careful, you will be able to do it well as long as you like it.
By the way, after you get started with putting together, sometimes you will find that some of the sequences on the drawings are actually inconvenient. If you put together more, you will find that it is more convenient to change the order and snap the connection. Of course, most of the time, you can just follow the drawings and it will be fine.
(Finally, I am actually a novice myself. These are my thoughts and experiences when doing puzzles, only my personal opinions)
Let me share the puzzles I put together at home during the holidays, hahaha
How-to-assemble-a-metal-handmade-puzzle-by-3dpuzzletoy-4How-to-assemble-a-metal-handmade-puzzle-by-3dpuzzletoy-52021.12 I made a few more pictures at home during the Christmas holiday and will continue to update pictures.
By Unlucid dreams

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